Mothers' Ministry

Ushindi Baptist Church mothers ministry set an example for younger congregants(especially women) in a number of ways. For example, they may dress in a certain way to demonstrate appropriately  conservative Christian attire. They are generally mature older women with many years of experience and service in the church. Church mothers also refrain from gossiping and idleness and aspire the Christlike character and actions in all circumstances. Additionally, they are supposed tp rise their children to be godly and to act with integrity.

Assisting  the pastor

In this ministry, they are expected to assist the Bishop, Rev and Pastors with various taks


The mothers, also focuses on community outreach in the ministry. For  example, church Mothers may visit nursing homes, people who are too sick to come  church, orphanages or women's shelters to spread the message of Christ and lend a caring hand to the  disadvantaged. They are also responsible for reaching out to church and community youth to provide love.

Administrative and Finances

Ushindi baptist church mothers assist with keeping records ,paying bills and helping with church maintenance.If a special offering is taken or church fundraiser is held, Mothers are expected to contribute financially to it also.

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Ushindi Baptist Church believe in preaching the right doctrine to all christians. All our team leaders ensure they lead others members by impacting on them the right teachings and the right doctrine.



It is the duty of church board to ensure the main church and all the branches and satellites churches are properly audited for smooth and clear operation of the church duties.


Ushindi Baptist Church continue to plant more churches in and outside Kenya. The Church has empowered many or its believers by preparing them to partake the blessing of running other churches


Jesus Christ was baptised in water and that is our source of inspiration and believe. Ushindi Baptist Members are baptised by water filled with the spirit of the holy christ. This is a sure way to true christian .